Urban Photography Portfolio

Portfolio Description

What I do as a “Street Photographer” is capture subjects and objects, unexpected scenes of people or cityscapes; depending on the occasion I just leave them as portraits or more often with the help of filters, glass reflections and digital technology I transform these photographies into surrealist images without them losing their content.

Please note that the sizes of the images may be enlarged/modified in accordance to customer’s request.

Bernal us1

Bernal us1:Reflection on Glass at Grand Central Station,NYC

Bernal us2

Bernal us2 : 42nd Street Lexington Avenue Corner

Bernal us3

Bernal us3 : Reflection of the Graybar Building NYC

Bernal us4

Bernal us4 : View of Pershkin Bridge at 42nd Street

Bernal us5

Bernal us5 : Reflection of Cipriani Building on the Glass

Bernal us6

Bernal us6 : View of the Hyatt Hotel & Cipriani at 42nd St.

Bernal us7

Bernal us7 : Wide Angle View of Roosevelt Avenue, NY

Bernal us8

Bernal us8 : Wide Angle View of Jackson Heights NY

Bernal us9

Bernal us9 : Wide Angle Winter View in NY